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Should you get tattooed on vacation?

Should you get tattooed on vacation? What you do with or to your body should be your own problem and decision. However, there are some choices that could be bad for you you – either health wise or safety wise, maybe both. Getting a tattoo while on a trip may sound like a good idea,… Read More »

How to survive San Diego Comic-Con

How to survive San Diego Comic-Con There are many people attending Comic-Con in San Diego, every year and those attending a convention for the first time surely have no idea of what to expect. We’re here to guide you through it and making sure you survive. The first thing you must be prepared for is… Read More »

How to plan a trip to Cuba

How to plan a trip to Cuba Up until recently Americans had a hard time visiting Cuba, thanks to a ban. Nowadays the ban was lifted, however it is still quite difficult to travel there. Make sure you do your research well before hand as not to land in hot waters. You can’t travel for… Read More »

Reserve a Ticket –

Continental airlines fly over 280 destinations with 348 aircrafts and it is and the renewal 4th largest U.S. carrier. They run flights throughout the U.S., Latin America, Canada, Europe and the Asia-Pacific areas. Since 1998 their advertising slogan has been, “Work Hard, Fly Right”. Follow the easy steps below to reserve flights for Continental airlines… Read More »

How to Get Discounts At Continental Airlines

If you are planning to travel to Canada, America or to any other country, in that case you can book your flights with Continental Airlines. Travelling with Continental Airlines is popular among a lot of passengers because the airline is known for providing good services and cheap reservations. Continental Airlines flights connect a large number… Read More »

How to check in at Continental Airlines

In order to have a smooth trip, especially when travelling around holidays or all the peak travel time, it is recommended to allow sufficient time for checking in and padding through security. Therefore, if you choose to fly with Continental Airlines, familiarize yourself with the check-in guidelines below to help make your trip smooth. Time… Read More »

How To check flight status at Continental Airlines

As one of the world’s largest Airlines and the fourth largest airline in the US based on passenger mile returns, Continental Airlines is an American airline with its base and headquarters in Continental Centre I located in Downtown Houston, Texas. Together with Continental Connection and Continental Express, Continental comprise of over 2,750 departures daily throughout… Read More »