Chena Hot Springs Resort – Alaska

By | July 25, 2018

Visiting some hot springs sounds like the best idea if you need some time off work. Alaska is famous for its hot spring resorts, so check out the top 5 things to do in Chena Hot Springs Resort.

1. Spend time at the pools
Chena Hot Springs Resort has more than one pool open to its guests. You can spend time at the natural outdoor pool, the indoor one or head over to the hot tub for a nice and warm bath. You will love it when the weather is cold! The resort is famous for its hot tub.

2. Watch the aurora
If you are lucky enough, you can get to see the well known aurora. This is something you can only encounter here, but make sure to visit the resort during winter and not summer. Sometimes, the Northern Lights can be spotted in spring or fall as well, so prepare your vacation accordingly.

3. Practice sports
Chena Hot Spring Resort offers many sporty activities like biking, hiking or skiing. The trails are not too difficult, and even beginners can have an amazing adventure here. If you feel too scared to try these out alone, remember the instructors are always available to help you.

4. Ice skating
Chena Hot Springs Resort includes a small pond where you can ice skate. You can just get a pair of skates and head over there for an hour or two, even if you are not a very experienced ice skater.

5. Sled riding
No matter if you are young and old, sledding is very fun when snow is all around. If you are having a family vacation, your kids will also enjoy sledding. This is something even Alaska residents love, so you must try it in order to get a taste of how they live.