Craft Farms Golf Resort

By | December 16, 2017

When getting ready for a vacation, you may have many different things on your mind. You can make things easier on yourself and search for some good accommodation options. One of these is Craft Farms Golf Resort in Alabama, and next up are the top 5 things to do in Craft Farms Golf Resort.

1. Play or learn golf
This amazing resort is all about golf, so if you are a fan, you should check out the courts and amenities as soon as you arrive. You can even engage in a golf course, or simply play along your friends whenever you feel like. Professional classes are also provided.

2. Check out the bar & grill
After golfing for a few hours you will most likely get hungry, so go to the resort’s bar and grill for a treat. The bar opens early in the morning everyday, and the breakfast options are extremely varied.

3. Spend your evening at the Lounge
The Cotton Creek Lounge is where you want to be if you plan on hosting a small party. The Lounge enables guests to hold cocktail or birthday parties in a spectacular environment, full of luxury.

4. Visit the pool house
If the weather is pleasant, why not go to the pool? The Craft Farms Golf Resort offers a pool house, but you first need to be a club member to take advantage of its facilities. Private events can be held here, as well.

5. Buy some gifts
The Craft Farms Golf Resort is famous for its extensive golf related shop. Here you can purchase any golf equipment you need, but also gifts and souvenirs for the people you love. The gift shop has a remarkable selection of merchandise, fun gifts, and apparel. An instructor can help you pick the things you need if you are a beginner.