How to survive San Diego Comic-Con

By | December 19, 2017

How to survive San Diego Comic-Con

There are many people attending Comic-Con in San Diego, every year and those attending a convention for the first time surely have no idea of what to expect. We’re here to guide you through it and making sure you survive.

The first thing you must be prepared for is the duration of the event and how many days can you or do you want to attend. These factors will influence your budget a lot especially if you don’t live in San Diego. The convention starts on Wednesday with a preview-night, and it lasts for 5 days if you include the preview evening. During your stay you will need a place to spend the night at, food and water, and let’s not forget the goodies you want to buy.

If there is a specific thing you want to see, like a panel held by a show, you should be there early, very early. This is because the people that attend a panel are not being kicked out, like in a movie theater. One the respective hall is full, it is difficult for someone new to enter: they have to wait for others to leave first. If you’re inside, don’t bother saving seats for your friends: their chances of getting inside in tie are minimal.

Speaking of being early for some presentation or preview might come with the quirk of having to wait in line. A very long queue at that. Most likely, this is how you’ll be spending your Comic-Con. If you want more friends, try and speak to those around you: you never know who are you going to meet. Just try not to be rude to anyone since everyone else is present for similar reasons to yours.

So, are you waiting for in that queue in the first place? Whatever it is that you want to get, be sure it is the right one, as often ties several lines get entangled-especially on the exhibitors’ floor where the merchandise is. Waiting in the wrong line is super easy to do especially if those around you “think” they are waiting for something – it often turns out to be something else, equally cool.

Since you’re waiting in line for so long, and the day is long, make sure you have comfortable shoes on as well as some water and something to eat. You don’t want to faint, spend more on unhealthy food – better buy more limited edition merch, nor have your feet killing you half-way through the day.

So you want to buy some stuff, especially since you receive a big tote, and quite frankly nobody should tell you what to do with your money. However before spending that hard earned cash, make sure you can only get the stuff here, or it might not be worth the trouble as you could be spending more. The aspect of carrying everything you got is also something to keep in mind especially if you flew in from a different city.

We’re sure you’re going to have a lot of fun, so don’t forget to share with us your impressions!