Lakeside Casino Resort – Iowa

By | July 13, 2017

There are many reasons for which you should go on a short vacation in Iowa. Staying at the Lakeside Casino Resort ensures you have things to do but also a relaxing time. There are at least 5 reasons we should go to Lakeside Casino Resort (Iowa), and you can read about them right here.

Get entertained
Granted you must be at least 21 years old to get entertained, but you have the chance of seeing both well known comedians or future stars in the industry. Every evening there will be somebody else performing so hopefully you will hear some jokes to your liking.

Enjoy the slots or other casino game
The casino has over 1000 slot machines, and the minimum best starts at 1 cent at some of these machines. You can choose to play video poker, or to spin at Elvis the King, Wizard of Oz, and more. The table games include pai gow, Blackjack, EZ bac, and others.

Go to have something to eat
If you don’t feel like cooking one day, eating out is the perfect solution. At the Lakeside resort you have many options for a nice and satisfying meal. One of them is found at the Heartland Café, a buffet and eatery. The Sports Bar is another option that will make you forget you’re eating out.

Organize a small reunion
You don’t have to turn your house in a hotel if you want to have a family get-together. A business meeting with a small group of people, an intimate wedding, or a class reunion, all can be hosted at the Lakeside resort. The atmosphere will be just the one you hope for, and you don’t have to clean the mess.

You can stay in your RV
The resort has an RV Park with 47 lots. All of them have hookups to sewage, water, electricity, and receive free WiFi signal. There is no other better parking for your RV.