Top 10 places to visit in Gilbert – Arizona

By | November 4, 2016

the-guerreros-of-realty-one-group-layton-lake-homes-for-sale-gilbert-arizonaIf you’re searching for your next travel destination, this top 10 places to visit in Gilbert (Arizona) and why might help you make up your mind.


Cosmo Dog Park

Apparently this park is not just for dog owners, but for people who want to be and relax in nature as well. The park has a lake where dogs are allowed to swim, as well as drinking fountains and several walking paths. Don’t come here if you’re scared of dogs: they can walk off-leash in this park.


Freestone Park

This park is really for everyone who want to take some time off and simply do something fun. The activities range from playing basketball and baseball to riding a miniature train and having a picnic. One can easily spend the whole day here without realizing.


Riparian Preserve

Bird lovers can come here to observe at least 200 species of birds. There are people who just want to listen to nature’s sounds instead of hearing the noise in the city. Our conclusion is that relaxation and research can go hand in hand.


Gilbert Elementary School

Most people would definitely wonder why should they go see a school building. Upon hearing said construction is more than 100 years old, they are sure to reconsider. Additionally, they will have a surprise: the school is now a museum!


Gilbert rotary Centennial Observatory

Those taking care of the observatory are generally volunteers, therefore the admission fee is quite low. The place is usually open on Fridays and Saturdays as well as for various astronomical events.


Hale Centre Theatre

This theater presented many different genres of shows throughout its history. What’s more impressive is that it also received many awards for their accomplishments, something that not many other theaters can brag with. Don’t worry about not finding it as it is located downtown Gilbert.


9-11 Memorial

The 9-11 Memorial is obviously dedicated to those that died during the events of 9.11 and it can be visited any day of the year. On 9-11 though, there is a special ceremony taking place that should be attended by everyone who wants to remember that day.


Central Trail System

There are many trails available for those who enjoy various outdoor activities. Riding a bike or a horse is just as popular as running and hiking. For their pure enjoyment, Gilbert created at least 135 miles or trails that can have more than one use.


The pool

As general as this may sound, Gilbert has 4 public pools where anyone can go to swim a little when the weather is just too hot. Families even enjoy the fountain with pop-jet water located in Heritage Square during the very hot summer days. The best past is that having a good time in the fountain is free of charge!


Gilbert’s Heritage District

There are several reasons why anyone would want to go see this place. For starters, this is where history and entertainment meet for a really interesting experience. People come here to shop for groceries or even have a nice meal.