Top 10 places to visit in Glendale – Arizona

By | October 6, 2017

glendale-azDo you want to know which are the top 10 places to visit in Glendale (Arizona) and why? Perhaps this article will give you the answer!


Sahuaro Ranch Park

There are many things to see and learn about while on this ranch park. Visitors are also given the chance of volunteering with various tasks around the farm if they’re interested in how life here goes, or to learn more about specific activities and products.


Deer Valley Petroglyph Preserve

This preserve is as big as 47 acres and it contains the largest collection of Native American petroglyphs in the region. During the tour of the preserve, visitors will discover what does it really mean to be an archaeologist as well as how rocks and other relics are being dug out.


Arizona Doll and Toy Museum

Everyone love toys as they remind them of their childhood. This doll and toy museum has an impressive collection of old toys and dolls. Visiting this museum will sure take many down a memory lane trip as well.


Cerreta Candy Co.

This is a chocolate factory that allows the public to visit it and learn more about the process of making chocolate bars. Tasting some really nice chocolate treats at the end of the tour is a must, and everyone recommends the French mint truffles.


Glendale 9

Moviegoers surely enjoy the 3D and even 4D movie experiences available these days, however they cannot compare to a movie watched in a drive-in theater where you can dress however you want and even use your cellphone during the movie.



Walking into Cabela’s is described by many as a free entrance to the zoo while making sure you have everything you need for your next adventure into the wild. Animal displays and huge aquariums can keep everyone dreaming for quite some time.


Tolmachoff Farms

This business started in a really simple way by selling plums on the side of the road. These days, after four generations, many other fruits and vegetables are grown. You’re welcomed to stop by and pick your own produce, pet the animals on the farm or participate in other seasonal events.


Manistee Ranch

This ranch is filled with history and is in fact registered in the National Register of Historic Places. You’ll get the chance of seeing a Victorian house and barn, some gardens, and the ranch itself. The complex dates back to 1897 and it used to be one of the last working cattle ranches in the region.


The Wall of Honor

Not many police officers have the honor of being remembered for their service. This Wall of Honor does just that, but to be included, police officers must have served at least for 20 years. Visitors can observe how things have changed overtime by looking at past uniforms, badges, and even law books.


Xeriscape Botanical Gardens

Going to the botanical garden is usually a class trip and most other visitors come here to relax and unwind. You can do the same if you’re in the area and have some time to kill.