Top 10 places to visit in Hialeah – Florida

By | November 18, 2016

hialeahMany people think some cities are simply boring and that there is nothing to do there. This top 10 places to visit in Hialeah (Florida) and why will show you the assumption is simply wrong.

Garden of the Arts
Garden of the Arts is a cultural place where people go to unwind or find their inspiration once again. The park is almost like an open air museum as it features various sculptures and murals for everyone to enjoy.

National Historical Site Triangle Park
Perhaps few parks out there can say they house 3 memorials in a single space. The ones you can visit here are dedicated to the Cuban Holocaust, the Veterans, and to the Cuban Women Prisoners. Come during Christmas to see everything decorated in lights for the occasion.

Bucky Dent Park
If you want to keep fit or simply have some fun, this park is where you need to go to. There is both a water park here and a gym for everyone to take advantage of.

Milander Park
There are many people visiting this park on a daily basis, however it can’t really be compared to the times when there is a football game playing on the stadium. The stadium here features 10,000 seats, so you can only imagine how many people gather here.

Audubon Bird Sanctuary
If you like birds and the color pink, this sanctuary is where you must be. This is where many pink flamingos call home, and seeing these birds in real life is a one of a kind experience. Most likely children will love coming here.

Amelia Earhart Park
The park is outside of the city, but well worth the short trip. Most locals go to this park to hike, ride their bikes, fish and even skateboard. Other fun activities for the whole family are also available.

Cherry Picked Vintage & Antique Market
Many people like to buy old stuff and this market has all sorts of things to offer from purses to furniture and chinaware. Some people go there to seek inspiration or something else to add to their collection. Just taking pictures is also possible, but make sure you have permission first.

Mack’s Fish Camp
Crocodiles, or better said alligators are dangerous animals, but still quite fascinating to some people. Fishing seems the main fun activity here, but spotting alligator nests and babies is also possible if the season is right. Children can also come as they are ensured lots of fun.

Florida Gun Center
Guns are really dangerous, but learning how to use one can reduce the chances of accidents. User safety come first, and therefore training lessons are also available here. The type of guns allowed here are rifles and pistols of up to .50 and .308 caliber respectively.

Hialeah Park Race Track
This location has been added to US’ national historic places list twice: once in 1979 and the second time in 1988. The track opened in 1922 and it is known by 3 other names as well. People come here mostly for recreational purposes.