Top 10 places to visit in Irvine – California

By | January 2, 2018

irvine-californiaAll the cities around the world can be a travel destination if people knew what fun things they can look forward to. This top 10 places to visit in Irvine and why hopes to improve tourism to the area.


Pretend City Children’s Museum

This is not a museum per se, but a place where kids can pretend to be grownups with everything that involves including having a job and paying bills. Many kids all ever dream about is growing up, and by coming to this Pretend City their dream can come true – even if for just a few hours.


Newport Landing Whale Watching

Whale watching is an activity many people love or wish they had the chance to experience. The cruises that offer whale watching take place year-round, but the best time of the year for this activity is between December and April, so pay attention to the date.


Beall Center for Art and Technology

Society, art, and technology evolve in unknown ways all the time. This center explores this evolution and helps artists to exhibits their creations inspired by technology, science, and other less artistic areas. The center also hopes to answer various questions related to technology while offering inspiration to its visitors.


Boomers Irvine

It seems that playing is a very old fun activity that people of all ages can enjoy without restrictions. This arcade center has many types of games for its visitors to try out no matter their preferences. You can basically play anything from laser tag to miniature golf and other popular arcade games.


Harvard Skate Park

If you like having fun in a more classic way while being outside, this park might be just the place to go to. This park is specially designed for skaters, and it has everything skaters could wish for in a single location, including obstacles and a bowl.


Irvine Historical Museum

Some of us simply can’t have enough art in their their life and a visit to this museum will definitely not be enough to satisfy this desire. The building itself dates back to 1867 and visitors can check out the extensive library or the photos showcasing the history of the area.


Irvine Park Railroad

One of the main attractions in this park is the train ride through beautiful landscapes. Other fun activities include but are not limited to hiking, biking, riding ponies, and paddle boating. It seems quite clear all these activities are intended for the whole family.


Irvine Spectrum Center

Locals come here to shop at one of the about 130 stores, watch movies, or ride the outdoor carousel or the Ferris wheel. There are 21 movie screens available here with a total of 6,400 seats. There are several other fun activities to be enjoyed based on your age.


K1 Speed

The popularity of go-kart racing seems to be on the rise and K1 Speed knows it well. The facility in Irvine has 2 indoor professionally designed tracks for those seeking some exciting fun at high speeds.


Katie Wheeler Library

If you like to read you should come here for a chance to buy classic and clearance books for as cheap as $1.