Top 10 places to visit in Madison – Wisconsin

By | December 3, 2017

Madison - Wisconsin

Do you need to know some fun things while you’re in Madison in wisconsin? Then this top 10 places to visit in Madison(Wisconsin) and why, is just what you need!


Wisconsin State Capitol

This building is about 100 years old and occasionally is opened for visits. It’s dome is 284 feet tall making it a tiny bit shorter than the Capitol in Washington. As there are no sky scrappers around, the construction offers good opportunities for some nice photos.


Henry Vilas Zoo

Everyone seems to enjoy going to the zoo, especially the little ones as both locals and tourists go see the animals at this zoo. There many different types of animals to learn about, and the zoo has a special program designed for kids who want to lean more.


Chazen Museum of Art

Most artists having their work displayed here come from Europe. Unlike many other museums, this one hosts art in a great number of mediums, from watercolors, to painting and to sculptures. Traveling exhibits are often seen here.


Madison’s Geology Museum

The museum can be found on the campus of University of Wisconsin in Madison. Visitors have the chance of learning more about fossil formation as well as interesting details about rocks and minerals.


Wisconsin Veterans Museum

The war is not something pleasant, but USA had its fair share of participation in such a violent conflict. Those who died helped shaping USA into its current form and as such they deserve to be remembered. The veterans whose efforts are recognized here fought starting with the Civil War and up to the Gulf War.


The Madison Children’s Museum

This is a must stop for people traveling with children. This museum offers many interesting activities for the little ones to participate in while also learning new stuff. The age range of the museum’s target audience is between a toddler and 8 years old.


Olbrich Botanical Gardens

What sets this botanical garden aside from others is that there might be flowers blooming no matter the season. Visitors really enjoy going to the pavilion donated by the government of Thailand.


The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

This building is mostly glass and everything about it is simply spectacular. The exhibits are rotated quite often, therefore several visits in a short period of time. Sometimes even events take place here, so you might want to check those out as well.


The House on the Rock

With more than 3,200 windows, you definitely have to wonder what would such a building look like. Standing in the right pose, and looking in the right direction, you’ll get the impression the 218 foot room is never ending. This room stands of a cliff, so the view is simply amazing.


Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin East

This is the architect’s masterpiece design and although it was completed in 1911, it seems to have been a forever work in progress. The complex contains several buildings and a guided tour will take you on all of them. The studio, gallery and theater are the elements standing out the most.