Top 10 places to visit in Norfolk – Virginia

By | June 10, 2018

Norfolk-VirginiaWith this top 10 places to visit in Norfolk and why, it’s almost certain you’ll want to pack your bags to check the city out for yourself.


Chrysler Museum of Art

Admission to this museum is free and this makes many people want to go inside. The renovated museum houses art and glass pieces as well as antiquities. The featured artists come from all over Europe and USA.


Chrysler Museum Glass Studio

Blowing glass pieces seems to be a dying art, however several studios across the nation manage to keep it alive. This studio is one of them and found right next to the museum. Visitors can either just watch artisans blow glass or even take lessons in this rather old art form.


The Battleship Wisconsin

While wars are still going on, this battleship used during the Second World War is now decommissioned. Additionally it served in the Korean war as well as during the Operation Desert Storm from 1991. You’ll want to see it because it is one of the last and largest build by the US Navy.


The Virginia Zoo

Everyone of all ages likes to go to the zoo especially when they know there are many animals to check out, including giraffes and elephants. All animals have proper enclosures that aim to make their life as comfortable as possible.


American Rover

The American Rover is a really tall ship that offers various river cruises. The ship itself is quite spectacular in itself so make sure to bring the camera for some really interesting shots. If you want to learn a bit more about sailing, you can even help with various tasks instead of just sitting around.


Hampton Roads Naval Museum

If seeing a battleship or sailing are not enough to satisfy your curiosity about ships, then head over to this museum. This is your chance to see many model ships, uniforms and learn more about the Navy in Virginia, from the Civil War till the Cold War.


MacArthur Memorial

While this memorial is dedicated to Douglas MacArthur other Americans who fought during various wars are also remembered. It is important to note that General’s Douglas MacArthur tomb is located right here, in the center of the memorial.


Naval Station Norfolk

You still didn’t have enough of the Navy, did you? This station is the largest in the world and therefore it can impress just about anyone. The station has 11 air hangars with 134 aircrafts and 14 piers with 75 ships.


Mermaid Factory

Most likely girls will love to come to this place as they will have the chance to see how clay mermaids and dolphins are made by hand. Purchases are also available to visitors who can buy already made dolls or customize them with the desired colors and accessories.


Harbor Park

People come here for baseball games, to have a picnic, to eat at the restaurant, or to check out the various other events organized throughout the year. One of the most popular is the “Haunted Harbor Park” taking place for Halloween.