Top 10 places to visit in Winston-Salem – North Carolina

By | February 17, 2017

Winston-Salem - North CarolinaIf you are interested in a top 10 places to visit in Winston-Salem (North Carolina) and why, you happened to be in the right place, so stick around!

Reynolda House Museum
If you’re interested in pure American art, then this museum should really be on your bucket list of places to go to. It seems couples really like coming to this museum, but perhaps this is due to the various partnerships it has with the hotels in the area.

Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem
It seems most kids love this museum as it helps them develop various skills such as social skills, literacy, and even motor skills. The little ones can have a great time while playing, drawing and painting or building, making this interactive museum a really good playground on rainy days.

Historic Bethabara Park
While this park is filled with history it seems that most of the visitors come here for a chance at bird watching. The park used to be a religious village used by the Moravians. This group of people settled here more than two and a half centuries ago.

Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts
Everyone refers to this place as MESDA and one of the most interesting facts about the building is that it used to be a grocery store. The museum dates back to the 1990s. The center housing MESDA is home to an auditorium, research facility, and a few shops as well.

Ryan’s Restaurant
Local food lovers go here for romantic dates as well as some really good food, and do since 1977. The dishes making this restaurant famous are still being served, but from time to time some surprising new additions make their appearance on special occasions.

Black Mountain Chocolate Factory
Almost everyone loves chocolate and visiting a chocolate factory is a must for many people. There two types of tours available: self guided or with a professional guide. If you want to taste the chocolate made here, or one of the many other types of sweets available here, make sure to stop by the shop on your way out.

Foothills Brewing
Beer lovers sure have reasons to rejoice as there are some 20 local breweries to be found here. Some say Foothills Brewing is the best of them, and only a tour of the brewery can prove or disprove this saying. You show know that their beer can be bought all over North Carolina, as well as a few other states.

The Tavern in Old Salem
If you like old buildings then this one is one you shouldn’t miss. Dating back to 1784, the tavern has an annexed house dating back to 1812, therefore you’ll be standing next to history.

If you had enough history, then SciWorks is where you must be to learn more about science, gaze at the stars, or just admire the diverse hands-on exhibits.

Winston Cup Museum
Go see to check out some race cars and other racing artifacts. Remember this city was once a NASCAR racing location, so there are quite a handful of interesting things to learn about.