Which Florida cities should you visit and why

By | July 9, 2017

Which Florida cities should you visit and why

Florida is a large and varied state, and there are many cities here that you may like to visit. If you are planning a trip to Florida, take a look at the cities you should visit the most.

Sanibel Island
This is not one of the state’s most well known cities, but the secluded beaches and amazing nature will draw you in. The island amazes with its wildlife and clear waters, and you can also find many cozy resorts to stay at. Taking a vacation here will prove to be fun and exciting.

The most well known city in Florida, Miami is definitely worth a trip if you visit the state. Miami has many beaches you may like to see, but also numerous areas that are important tourist attractions. You will most likely come back home with a tan and many stories to tell your friends at home.

Tarpon Springs
This riverfront town is a seafood lovers paradise, and here you can encounter many species of fish you have never seen before. Tarpon Springs offers the best restaurants as well as beaches and beautiful natural settings.

Santa Rosa Beach
If you are planning a trip with your significant other, this town is the best to visit. The sunsets here look amazing in pictures, and you will also be able to enjoy some of your favorite watersports.

Delray Beach
Maybe you are looking to visit an exotic and secluded paradise, so Delray Beach could be just what you need. The area offers many watersport options, but don’t forget to try your fishing skills and maybe get a nice tan.

This small city offers amazing views and colorful buildings, as well as good seafood places where you can eat. Here you will be able to relax and enjoy the nature while taking a break from the noise in the bigger cities.

Mount Dora
This is a quiet city for every tourist who is searching for a place to relax. The town is also rich in history and you can just sit back, mingle with the locals and shop at the local food markets.

St. Augustine
This is the oldest city in US, and the churches and monuments located here provide a unique and fun experience to all tourists. The city contains some historical landmarks too and is definitely worth a trip when you visit Florida.

One of the most visited cities in Florida, Orlando will not disappoint. The city is rich in nightlife, ad if you are lucky you may get the chance to attend one of the festivals that take place over the summer.

Clearwater Beach
If you visit Clearwater Beach, you will be able to relax wit a cocktail and an ice cream while enjoying the cool atmosphere.This place is the right one to visit if you love both quietness and beaches.

You probably never heard of this town before, but the architecture and surroundings will draw you in on the first visit. Don’t miss your chance to see the nature and sea-life.